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happy wheels 2 demo


Prank Jokes


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  • Marlon Chavez gamer 6 years ago

    If she ask me “Come touch my ass” and that ass thick and juicy bro I be grabbing that ass never will stop I will use it as a pillow put my face on that shit I won’t wash my hands bro

  • Derrick Williamson 6 years ago

    Cuz you young niggas are out of your dam minds . why is it you niggas use your girls like hoes I mean is she a hoe or is it you don't know that its not right to show the world your girl friends body I mean what the duck is wrong with you brothers ? have these white people and there ways truly made you lose all sense of morality ? that's how you know that every word of the most high that is written in the bible is true because there is no limit to the wicked thing we do in these last days. And what's even worst is you don't see anything wrong with it . and then in front of the whole world you tell her to twerk and then because you see nothing wrong with it she doesn't there for you are causing her to sin don't you know you're gonna have to answer for her as well ? wake up from this way that has been taught to us by these wicked people bro

  • Underrated GOD! 6 years ago

    99%- comments talk about her calling him “Matt”

  • Travis Thiery 6 years ago


  • L&A Nation 6 years ago

    Who is Matt

  • Jason Rbx - I Do fun gameplays 6 years ago

    M A T T

  • Ryan Dutton 6 years ago

    She said matt

  • Lvsh.r6ixty 6 years ago

    1:29 lol she did call you Matt bro you not trippen lol

  • Mali Beauty 6 years ago

    Jasmine is my favorite of his girlfriends

  • Michael Curry 6 years ago

    She looked at the camera

  • TheLukey580 6 years ago

    She called him Matt wtf

  • Gabe Lawson 6 years ago

    She said Matt

  • Kataivia Ellis 6 years ago

    Oh oh he said she asssssss !!!! 🍑🍑🍑

  • O.G. Mandown 6 years ago

    Mane said come back wid a real booty 😂

  • Podums 6 years ago

    Her ass sexy id tap the shit outta her

  • bondockid kid 6 years ago

    She said matt

  • Thomas Soldatos 6 years ago

    Bra she really said Matt the fuck

  • Browneym 6 years ago

    She deadass said Matt 😂😂

  • howie buckets 6 years ago

    She did say matt

  • _Kidd_ Finesse_ 6 years ago

    She called u Matt😂😂