Let’s get prepared for the Fool’s day and prepare hilarious pranks and jokes for your friends! The first idea is so cool! You can make a color powder that is usually used for Holi festival. You can make your own colorful festival or prank your friends! You will need flour, food coloring, and water. You can choose any colors you like! In a bowl, mix all the ingredients and place onto parchment paper to let dry. Grind and use this powder!
Towels seem really boring as gifts but you can use your imagination to create something special. Prank your friend and make a sloth from the towel. And leave it in the bathroom. Have fun!
We love pranks and you will find how to make edible worms, a ghost, edible chocolate lip balm, toothy pictures and more! These ideas won’t require special skills and a lot of time but it will be really fun! The main idea is that pranks shouldn’t be offending but if they are really funny it will enhance interaction between friends.
Let’s start from the easiest prank ever. You will need Mentos and Coke. Check out the tutorial and have a lot of fun! The next prank looks a bit scary but really funny. Prank with needles in the finger looks creepy but when your friend will find out that it’s a joke without wounds, he will totally like the idea.
One more cool idea is flying banknotes. Yes, this idea is rather old, but you can entertain your friends and have a lot of fun! Our step by step tutorial is so easy! You will need to attach small pieces of a drinking straw to the back of the banknote and poke an invisible thread through it. Done!
As a bonus, you will find a cool game on how to get a nut in one minute! Try this game with your friends!

00:09 Colorful prank idea
00:47 Towel sloth
02:08 Scary prank
03:07 Prank with a phone
06:02 Cool games for a party

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  • 5-Minute Crafts 3 years ago

    So, what was your prank of the Day? 🏆

    Check these best ideas from video:
    00:09 Colorful prank idea
    00:47 Towel sloth

    02:08 Scary prank

    03:07 Prank with a phone

    06:02 Cool games for a party
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  • Ax User 3 years ago

    The colour prank is like Holi .
    (Festival of colours celebrated in India ) I am from India

  • KinyACat 3 years ago

    Who needs April fools.

    When your whole life is a joke.

  • Guoyong Du 3 years ago

    But that’s a Bright Side video

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    I going to get my mom so good

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    Sorry but I like another YouTube or and I’m never gonna Tell you what it’s name is

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    let's get 69 mill subs and likes bois and gurls!!

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    2:5 minutes

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  • Zareena Afser 3 years ago

    5 minute crafts
    I have a question with you that why did you repeated the hacks by giving it other name

  • Emma Kinney 3 years ago

    1:00 this wouldn't scare my friend

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    Nederlands iemand?

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    Bakit po paulit ulit wala na pubang iba puro nalang kasi paulit ulit sawa na ko manood

  • moshiur rhaman 3 years ago

    5 minutes crafts is my most favourite YouTube channel

  • Some of them are recycled

  • Risky Flames 3 years ago

    I know a prank… get your friends phone and put it in a water proof bag then get a glass or clear cup and fill it with water put the bag in (with the phone inside) the water then get a piece of card or something that water doesn’t go through fast then put it upside down slip the piece of card(or anything else you used) out then ring it and wait for your friend to find it 😈.

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  • Feliciahat feli 3 years ago

    Is a good ilove you 5 minute craft so thank you 😍😇😗

  • Ranbir Dagar 3 years ago

    Many of them were really fun…😀😀