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Daryun’s idea to prank the correctional officers does not go well in this clip from Season 3, Episode 11, “Oneida County, NY”. #BeyondScaredStraight
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“Beyond Scared Straight” follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.

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  • Like Beyond Scared Straight? Catch the new series Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole on Tuesday, April 30th at 10/9c!

  • Steven Criscione 4 years ago

    See ya girls. We don't care if you are only 14 years old, come back with the wig on, we want you, clean that table, bend over, pick up that food that you dropped

  • 悲 YUNG-INFANT男 4 years ago

    the one that smile and laugh are the weakest, they laugh to try and mask the fear.

  • Kirsteinne Fernandez 4 years ago

    I'm new here. Are they real prisoners? I have no idea

  • Josie Honda 4 years ago

    When a protagonist starts laughing: Danger
    That's why they needed 5 guards on him

  • Ruqayya Khalil 4 years ago

    TBH I would be laughing to I feel like it’s not fair that they just are so aggressive with the boys they don’t do anything to the girls and the girls just keep talking back and getting away with it I’m a girl by the way and I would laugh than cry

  • Swagdogmlg420xd 4 years ago

    bruh these cops just pinned a kid in a 7 vs 1

  • Wilson ukah 4 years ago

    That boy laughing am laughing to 🤣 am Dead

  • liam ward 4 years ago

    1:54 and then came tyler the creator

  • Stoner 999 4 years ago

    Shaquille o Neil?

  • Flamin Mangoes 4 years ago

    He didn't think it through when he said 'watch this' 😂😂😂 he thought he was gonna be tough and he crying on the floor

  • Jeylen Levy 4 years ago

    Some laugh to keep from getting angry

  • leo feo 4 years ago

    lmao that black kid think hes all badass LMAO

  • Liseth Bravo 4 years ago

    He got carred hahahahahahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • •Lunar Eclipse• 4 years ago

    I hate watching these it literally breaks me when they just go too far..I know they need to learn but don’t act like their actually prisoners..

  • Bodhi! 4 years ago

    Why do they arrest kids?

  • Vikiller94 ft. FreshVik 4 years ago


  • slayer. point 4 years ago

    Should have let the guy with some prisoners alone for him to learn a lesson after he was smiling.. once he comes back, just by the look on his face will teach others a better lesson

  • My toaster Broke 4 years ago

    2:03 Mickey Mouse?

  • TotallyRandomGrandom 4 years ago


    "No Ziiiiier