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  • Amy Plays Games 6 years ago

    This is kinda mean people that are arapb can be sad but its still funny

  • Husam Abbas 6 years ago

    Hope you get banned mother######

  • Lover_ GantixRBLX 6 years ago

    Lol I cant stop laughing welp HALPP

  • Mysterious Hacker 6 years ago

    Wait HE JUST STOLE ALL THESE VIDEI FROM THE OTHER YOUTUBER You Can See That it's Been Stolen You Guys Need to report this madness It's not right to Steal Videos From Other People Without Their Permission And You Can Tell It From The Original Because In The Original in the Music It has a Part that RUN and also the Music Is so LOW.

  • Tahira Zahid 6 years ago


  • max dax 6 years ago

    (all tube) we know arab is not like this but stop it pls

  • RealityCenSaion _ 6 years ago

    I LOVE this video, LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • artie whitefox 6 years ago

    This is not funny. Muslims thinbk the gory death of a non Muslim is funny.  Muslims don'ts do bombs this way. It is w quite and then boom just like a loveless heartless asteroid that Satan made. God did not make Satan. God could never make all things new had that be.

  • 3D4Ureel 6 years ago

    Hahahahahahaha the hobo mongoloid nigga with the trolley. This is so wrong but hahahahahahaha

  • •Triple D• TM Dragon 6 years ago

    Plot twist, he actually blows up

  • Stormies 6 years ago

    you are copy video kiddo

  • profoundmemory 6 years ago

    is that in australia?

  • Jelle Harland 6 years ago


  • Sega Abukhalil 6 years ago

    Just to make sure we don't put bombs everywhere but that's funny!!!😂

  • Chris Sutphin 6 years ago

    it took you like a minute just to begin the video what

  • احتراف البيتكوين/ بيتكوين سوريا 6 years ago


  • DunkYi 6 years ago

    1:20 golden

  • TIGE LEON SAINT DE AUBYN 6 years ago

    Ha ha ha yeah baby .

  • jiofun 6 years ago

    i have allready subscribe your channel….plz subscribee me back