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The Japes are back on public demand with the ghost prank part 2 .This time is gonna be more extreme and fun to watch.
If you have missed the part 1 .The Link is in the description.

Part 1 -

happy wheels 2 demo

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  • The Japes 3 years ago

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  • Mukesh Kumar 3 years ago

    Ye sb galat hai kisi ki jaan ja shakti hai ….

  • i dont underdtand tamil, but this song A1. Sain 3 years ago

    Stop making pranks.

  • i dont underdtand tamil, but this song A1. Sain 3 years ago

    Please dont do this, it is dangerous for people.

  • ู‚ุฒูˆู…ู‡ ุตุงุงูƒู‡* 3 years ago


  • CJ ELOHIST 3 years ago

    3:50 UNCLE
    i am a disco dancer

  • Pramod Vishwakarma 3 years ago



    Semma bro

  • Muhammad Unais 3 years ago


  • Ronald Constantino 3 years ago

    gumawa pakayo nang mas nakakatakot.

  • Shabana Beylim 3 years ago

    So funny

  • Manjunatha prince Manjunatha prince 3 years ago

    Super bro ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Shahab Uddin Nizamani 3 years ago

    2:40 Jan important he pr pahle gadi ko stand pe lagana lazmi hay haha

  • Prat G R 3 years ago

    Haaas haass ke pet dard ho gaya !!!

  • Tangela Suriya 3 years ago

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……haaaaaaaaaaaa so

  • Sonu Mishra 3 years ago


  • khagda limbu 3 years ago


  • Jituu Miyiuu 3 years ago

    2:37 That dog be like: Wtf???

  • Ajmira Bibi 3 years ago

    Nice bro

  • Ajmira Bibi 3 years ago

    Nice bro