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  • ROYAL boy 3 years ago


  • Nature Lover 3 years ago

    Boy to boy kiss is the best kiss in the world..

  • Bittu singh 3 years ago

    Wish u guys kissed me

  • Rail Garri 3 years ago

    I wish mujay kiss kertay yeh main inko Pakker Ker franch deep kiss kerdaytay. En Ka prank wapis double Ker k.

  • Abhishek agrawal 3 years ago

    Dairing guys

  • myste rious 3 years ago

    part 2 plz

  • Chandra Shekhar Dungri 3 years ago


  • Chandra Shekhar Dungri 3 years ago


  • Green Minded 3 years ago

    Can i get a kiss please ☺☺😍😍

  • Dipak Khanna 3 years ago

    Arey meri jaan merey pass aao jaani Ham aapko seekhatay hai meri jaan sexy pappy karna yaar. Full faaru mast pappy yrr. Meri jaan rag rag mai josh aa jayega.

  • Shrihari Barve 3 years ago

    Mera bhi kiss lo mast idea

  • Rehan gazi 3 years ago

    make video on boy sitting on boy in public place

  • Rehan gazi 3 years ago

    love it man

  • nikki sharma 3 years ago

    Nice video and very funny loved it make more and more videos 👍😊

  • Umesh Kumar 3 years ago

    thodi or aachcha karne ki jarurat hee

  • Amol Uparwat 3 years ago

    Very funny brother Awesome

  • Long Nguyen 3 years ago

    The confidence men will not react agresively accept the lowselfsteem act. Like he got his manlyness taking away from him and people thinking that he is weak😂

  • Freund W 3 years ago

    no single good kiss. approach was bad people were not interested.

  • kion van der pudge 3 years ago

    They both are very pretty

  • DJ Ask 3 years ago

    Awesome yr