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Moana’s makeup and costume tutorial HD :
Little Witch makeup + costume tutorial HD:

Hi, Welcome to SFA — Sophia’s Fun Adventures Channel ❤️❤️❤️.

SFA (Sophia’s Fun Adventures channel ) is ALL ABOUT PLAYING and FUN by Sophia and Lucy (Sophia’s mommy). We do cartoon and movie characters’ makeup tutorial, travel vlog, crafts, cooking and baking.

Moana’s makeup and costume tutorial detailed HD
How to make Jumble Slime the easiest way
How to make Edible Slime: Delicious
Model on Duty: my work day as a model HD
How different is the China’s Farmer Market
Sophia’s First America – China’s Business Class Experience
Cooking with me: Spring Onion Cheese Omelet
Little Witch makeup and costume tutorial:

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Sophia + Lucy

happy wheels 2 demo

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