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The Japes are back yet again with a New Ghost Series.
This Time is Funny and Scary .
Do watch it and share it.


Yashvi Punjabi-https://www.instagram.com/yashvi_panjabi/
Mukesh Gupta-https://www.instagram.com/thejapes_official

Varun Gajjar-https://www.instagram.com/varungajjar42/
Prashant Kuril-https://www.instagram.com/pra_shant_.k/

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  • Rajendra Kadole 3 years ago


  • Chandra Shekhar Dan 3 years ago

    As long as that's a female ghost I am okay with that🙃❤️

  • Suraj Kohli 3 years ago

    This ghost is very hot and sexy

  • Prince love 3 years ago

    Asali bhoot

  • prajapati dhamini 3 years ago

    Yeh kys krr rha ho tumahe drr nhi lgta pgl logo ko drake khud haste ho

  • Gokul Vava 3 years ago

    Super 👌👌❤

  • Mighty Hawk 3 years ago

    Bohot a66a hua ki cameraman ne rok lya nehi to gangs of wasaipur ki taraha mar khati wo

  • XGacha RebeccaX 3 years ago


  • Katrina Sanchez 3 years ago


  • Seema Thakur 3 years ago

    2.40…joker bhai new work…

  • Vijay Mnr 3 years ago

    Sripu dan varudu

  • Samari Samari 3 years ago

    4:32 video mein..1:50 sirf backchodi pelni jaruri😀😂

  • Harshdeep Joshi 3 years ago

    देखा अपने लापरवाही का नतीजा ।
    इसी लिए बच्चे को 1 से 3 साल तक पोलियो कि रसी अवश्य दे।

  • Ranjith Krishnan 3 years ago


  • NEJAM CBS 3 years ago


  • Kuntal Banerjee 3 years ago

    Video bohot achi thi I love this Chanel

  • Mamun Mamun 3 years ago

    Some people heart not strong so they can heart attack and die,, its not funny anymore,,
    You people making fucking video,,, if you face wrong people they will fuck you until you die…..

  • Jivesh Donode 3 years ago

    Even ghost is scared of papa's chappal

  • Shivam Kumar 3 years ago


  • Manish Patel 3 years ago

    3:02 Mei shayad darr kr gaadi chadha deta bc🤕