The best Simpsons episodes are usually from the same couple of seasons, and there’s a reason for that. While the funniest Simpsons character is debatable, Homer is absolutely a contender. This show was built as a response to the sitcoms of the decade previous to its airing, and its original creators, succeeded in that vision. But Homer Simpson changed somewhere along the way, this is a look at how.

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  • Nerdstalgic 2 years ago

    What is the best animated show of the 2000s?

    ALSO: I mispronounce Matt’s name twice in the video because apparently hearing something 8 million times isn’t enough for me lol

  • S Lohmann 2 years ago

    The Max Power one was the Worst. Episode. EVER!

  • Hasan A. 2 years ago

    I naturally stopped watching regularly since 2000. Something about the show seemed off, and I never looked back. Thanks for articulating what it is that ruined the show.

  • Patrick Majewski 2 years ago

    It wasn’t going to be funny later on because their stereotyping dynamic was at its prime in the 90’s. It got old so they probably reasoned to create new character roles. But it doesn’t matter. Even if they kept Homer’s character consistent it still would have flopped because no one is interested in the 90’s role model or stereotype. It’s just a natural fact that a series begins to age, and the Simpsons was exceptional in that it could outlive most other series. It just can’t be done whilst retaining popularity.

  • LegitScoper 2 years ago

    This is like… Rockstar Games… killing all original intentions, for "Maximum quotes"

  • michelle mckelvey 2 years ago

    I see we’re your coming at, but I personally feel that homer has changed for the better , and if you pay more attention to the little details of the newer episodes he still loves his family and has an very complicated personality

  • Corey Faller 2 years ago

    The Simpsons still cracks me up though. Great video. I think it would be hard to dial everybody back as far as character. We've seen so many days in their lives, we have witnessed the evolution (or de-evolution, as the case may be) of the whole town. Fascinating how the Simpsons could last so long. Your essay is a great study. Thanks for doing it!

  • K Marie 2 years ago

    It’s like handing off your child to new parents and expecting them to raise it the same. Sad.

  • Jane Ross 2 years ago

    You know what, an extremely pared-down remake might actually be a great show. Cut out all the stuff that doesn't work, and make it all make a lot more sense by changing only what needs to be changed to achieve that. Consequently, end up with a much more reasonable number of seasons at the end of it all (additionally, give it an actual end). And have it still be about that family with their original personalities, and still be heartwarming, from start to finish. Wouldn't that be a thing?

    Never thought I'd be ASKING for a "modern gritty remake" but here it might actually work. No need to make it live-action, though. Keep it animated. In fact… maybe keep it much more traditionally animated (I always thought that looked so much better than all those HD sharp lines and whatever).

  • Mark Saulnier 2 years ago

    From the biggest simpsons fan, I haven't watched a new episode since about 2000. Theve been absolutely terrible for 20 years

  • Hallowed 2 years ago

    Seasons up to 8 are the best

    Seasons from 8 to 10 have some good episodes

    Seasons after 10 are usually bad

  • Robert Hartmann 2 years ago

    I just have absolutely no idea how this show can still be so popular and still been running by now, where the quality and the figures became so terrible and boring

  • Arthur Martins 2 years ago

    Classic Homer wasn't dumb, just clueless

  • Mahler Yann 2 years ago

    What's the song at 6:40 ? Is there musical credits ?

  • LEXICON DEVIL 2 years ago

    They've stated plenty that Homer gets dumber every year. I get what you are saying but that doesn't really hit till the last season before the movie came out. Some of the best episodes ever made come from the era you are focused on. Plus, early simpsons just aren't as funny. Very slow and hadn't found their footing yet.

  • harryantino 2 years ago

    Sometimes to be a real fan of something you have to give up watching the new entries and enjoy the true versions that came originally. Star Wars, The Simpsons and I’m sure you’ll have your own examples.

  • VIP854 2 years ago

    Same thing happened to SpongeBob. Made it pretty unbearable to watch.

  • Well, it is a fair representation of the American society now days, heartless and stupid.

  • MrJawstherevenge87 2 years ago

    I'd say seasons 1-6 were the best imo

  • BillGunslinger 2 years ago

    What Simpsons seasons are worth watching?