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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Cosmetology, Horror, and DIYs And Weather 4 years ago

    7:50 -ish she sounds like shes dying lol

  • quantum8k 4 years ago

    at 7:50 im gonna fricking click of this video this girl is so annoying

  • Tristan maynard 4 years ago

    Can I do a reaction video

  • Porsch and Izaiah 4 years ago

    It to boring

  • RayRayofCali 4 years ago

    0:21 why? The original was funnier and real

  • sydney cooksey 4 years ago

    250th comment

  • vencheto 4 years ago

    Oh, THAT is why the world is going down. For being filled with such disgusting, spoiled, hysterical egomanics. (Least funny video I have ever seen.)

  • Kassandra Figueroa 4 years ago

    They are karens

  • Vixia 6669 4 years ago

    7:41 what the hell with her laugh? XDDDDD

  • Gabe Petro 4 years ago

    7:40 coronavirus detected

  • James Emmons 4 years ago

    the vine from 7:20 to 8:00 made me cry

  • Lilmichael Mckee 4 years ago


  • redwolfxx20k zeannax 4 years ago

    did she poop her pants or sum that sounded like a lot came out right there i cant bro😂😂😂😂😂

  • Isiah Khair 4 years ago

    i am

  • Renato Lorenzo 4 years ago

    3:55 WTF

  • Thunder CD 4 years ago

    loser hahaha hahahahahaa

  • Mr.Proppaah 4 years ago

    Wacky shyt

  • Laloni Chester 4 years ago

    People need to clean up before doing videos

  • Strawbariel 4 years ago



  • Kaleigh-Renea Spivey 4 years ago

    all i got to say is Well dang